Intel® Core
Dedicated Processors Memory Storage Bandwidth Monthly Availability
Intel Core i7 6770k 4 Ghz
32GB DDR4 2133 MHz 2x256 GB SSD NVMe 1 Gb/S Flat (FAIR USAGE) €45.99 Config
Inte Core i7 6700k 4 Ghz
64 GB DDR4 2133 MHz 2x256 GB SSD NVMe 1 Gb/S Flat (FAIR USAGE) €55.99 Config

Technical Specifications

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Performance INTEL
Fast Provisioning
Intel Xeon cPanel
All OS Avaible
SuperMicro Bandwidth
CloudLinux Juniper Networks IPs
Server Rebuild DDoS mitigation SAN storage
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Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs

What is Dedicated Hosting?
  • A dedicated server, or computing server, is a machine with its own dedicated physical resources. Unlike a virtual server, which uses a portion of a machine's physical resources for its virtualization technology, a dedicated server gives you access to all of the machine's available RAM, storage, and computing power. Applied to cloud computing, dedicated server solutions can also be referred to as 'bare-metal', highlighting the physical availability of the machine's resources in contrast to standard cloud solutions based on virtual instances. .

What do you need a dedicated server for?
  • A dedicated server can be used for a variety of purposes: big data, machine learning, website and application hosting, backup and storage, infrastructure virtualization, server cluster, business applications (CRM, ERP) or online game hosting. This is why we offer several dedicated server series, each designed for specific needs. Our sales and technical teams can help you with your project and give you advice on choosing the right server..

Increase your guaranteed bandwidth?
  • To complement your guaranteed bandwidth , you can increase the guaranteed speed for your specific upload requirements or for mass delivery of software updates, VOD, or even live streaming. In addition to the speed, the cross-connections available enable optimized geographical delivery.

Time to delivery the server?
  • We have optimized our internal processes to achieve record delivery times. Our most popular servers could be assigned in as little as 120 seconds!

Watch The All Data Center Avaible

The default datacenter is on France, if you have a differnt need please contact us!.