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This VPS with high Ghz is designed for gaming purpose!
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Why choose Private-Hosting VPS?

Thanks at our last hardware generation and the DDoS Protection included on all plan, you can take the best performance server with a cheapest price on the market

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You will got the 100% access to your server, with a full privacy files!

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Instant Provisioning

with our automatic setup your server will be erogate on max 24 Hours

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99% Uptime

We guarantee the 99% uptime on all server!

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VPS Hosting FAQs

The questions asked by our customers frequently and here are our reply.

What is VPS Hosting?
  • Our Hosting provides a large selection of cloud services you can use for storing, managing

    and processing data and applications. You can do everything you need to quickly.

    You can do everything you need to quickly and very affordably

Are the VPS Protected by DDoS Attack?
  • A unique system for protecting against distributed denial-of-service attacks

    The Shield and Armor hardware intervenes if an attack is more targeted, and offloads part of the filtering from the server’s processor. The Shield intervenes if an attack uses an amplification technique (DNS amp, NTP amp). Armor is the most advanced filter in our VAC, and intervenes in mitigating the very strongest attacks..

Is an upgrade possible from my current Linux VPS Hosting Plan?
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your server when you want! The downgrade or upgrade is istant without any fee or other thinks!.

    If you have a problem or change a virtualizzation type, please open a ticket or write a email to [email protected]

Is there any money back guarantee ?
  • We dont have any Refound policy on our website, please read our TOS!