OVH Game DDoS Protection
DDoS Security
All server are protected by DDoS attack with a dedicated infrastructure. With the ability to migrate a DDoS Attack large 3 Tb/S .
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Unlimited bandwith
Boost Credibility
We do not do any overselling, what you will buy is guaranteed. Powerful anti-DDoS Game protection is included on your server.
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Free upgrade without fee
Possibility to upgrade or downgrade the server when you want with instant setup and no additional fee to pay for this action.
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VPS Linux DDoS Protected
VPS KVM Hosting
1.99 /mo
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  • 15GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1GB Memory DDR4
  • Intel Xeon D-1540 2.7Ghz
  • 1 Gb/S Bandwith (FLAT)
  • 1 IPv4 / 1 IPv6
  • Base DDoS Protected
Dedicated Server with no Setup Fee
Dedicated Server
19.99 /mo
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  • 1x500GB HDD
  • 8GB Memory DDR4
  • 2/2 c/T Intel Atom S1260 2.0 Ghz
  • 1 Gb/S Bandwith (FLAT)
  • DDoS Protection Included
  • Up to 256 IPV4 Avaible
Free Windows License
Basic Web Hosting
1.99 /mo
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  • 10 GB SDD Disk
  • 10 Sub Domain
  • Cpanel included FREE!
  • 5 email address avaible
  • up to 10 database
  • DDoS Protection (Layer4/7 included)
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Mark Kenars

happy Customer @HostAdvice
I think this host is the best because you can take the OVH vantage and the fast support offert by! I get the Mc-32 OVH server at only 59,99€!

John Smite

Loyal Partner @HostAdvice
I am new to these servers, but from a first impression it seems that the system is set up rather quickly and you have complete control over it. I had no major issues with the server up til now. Support, although it has some trouble with english, is friendly and helpful. Maybe it won't be perfect in the future, but I mean... it's 2€.

Mark John

happy client @HostAdvice is the first vps hosting that has free backup/restore feature I am surprised because other providers needs very high price for such feature. Better than host1plus and time4vps. reboot takes a second
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