why was my order placed fraud?

We at private-hosting.eu always strive to offer a great service at very competitive prices on the market.


In this last period we have had many orders from fraudulent people who have created many inconveniences within our infrastructure.

For this, private-hosting.eu, has decided to install an automatic order review program called MaxMind. Thanks to this program, we can block all malicious people.

To ensure that your order is not set as fraud, we recommend that you follow these steps:

- Do not use VPN Server
- Do not use false billing information
- Do not use Temporary Email Accounts
- Do not use stolen credit cards / PayPal

If you respect all these characteristics but your order continues to be recognized by our system as fraudulent, we recommend that you open a ticket in the customer area. We may ask for advanced account verification (Identity Card, Passport, Driver's License)

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