Dedicated Server Hosting in Germany with Advance DDoS Protection (GAMING FILTERS AVAILABLE)

Get maximum performance for your project thanks to the fully dedicated hardware and connection of our dedicated servers.

All our dedicated servers come with a dedicated bandwidth of 1Gbit/S and protection against DDoS attacks.
The average activation time for dedicated servers is 24/48 hours.

From €109.99/mo
€109.00 Setup Fee
Ryzen 7 3700x CPU
Germany (DE) Location
1Gbit/S [10TB] Bandiwdth
2x1000GB SSD NVMe
Advance DDoS Protection DDoS Protection

From €209.99/mo
€209.00 Setup Fee
Ryzen 9 5950x (16c/32T) CPU
Germany (DE) Location
1Gbit/S [10TB] Bandiwdth
2x3980GB SSD NVMe
Advance DDoS Protection DDoS Protection
Os Available
Windows Server


- Question: What is the activation time of the service?

- Answer: For our dedicated servers we have an activation time of about 24-48 working hours if the server is in the datacenter.

- Question: Is there any limitation on sending or receiving emails on Dedicated Server servers?

- Answer: No, if your account has been verified and your server unlocked, there is no limitation on SMTP ports. We remind you that any abuse will be punished.

- Question: Can I use the server for DDoS, BOTNET, SCAN or other illegal activities?

- Answer: No, no server we provide has this functionality. Any abuse will be criminally reported and there will be no refund

- Question: Can I install windows on the dedicated server and use RDP?

- Answer: Windows can be installed on our dedicated servers without any additional cost

- Question: Can I install my own iso?

- Answer: Yes, you can install your ISO without any additional cost

- Question: What is the guaranteed uptime for dedicated servers?

- Answer: For our dedicated servers we guarantee 99% uptime from problems caused by us. We do not respond to problems such as DDoS or misconfigurations.

- Question: Can i change the IPV4 RDNS?

- Answer: Yes, you can change the ipv4 rdns server simply by opening a ticket and providing all the necessary data to change the RDNS

- Question: Why my Windows Server turns off every 30 minutes?

- Answer: This problem is caused by a lack of operating system license. Install the windows software license and this problem will never happen again

- Question: Do you have dedicated servers not listed?

- Answer: Of course, contact us privately with the specific request and we'll see if we can satisfy you!