Test free VPS Server Hosting

Completely free, order your server and try it now.

The private-hosting team came up with the idea of allowing all interested customers to try our service by providing 2 days of full trial on our VPS servers.

The Hardware that we use

All our VPS servers, including the free VPS servers, feature state-of-the-art hardware designed to meet every need, thanks to the use of the latest AMD Ryzen processors and NVMe SSDs.

Duration of the Trial VPS Server

To ensure proper utilization for all interested users and to avoid overcrowding our servers, we have decided to offer the opportunity to try our VPS servers completely free for 2 days. After the expiration of the trial period, you can decide whether to purchase a paid plan or not.

Enhanced Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Safeguarding your data and online activities is our priority. That's why we offer DDoS protection to shield your servers from any attacks. With our state of the art technology and unwavering vigilance you can relax knowing that your site is well guarded against threats.

RAM 2 GB DDR4 2600 Mhz
KVM Kernel
1 IPv4 Included
All Linux Operating System
BANDWIDTH 100 Mb/S [200GB]
Advance DDOS Protection Included Free [L3/L4/L7]
Germany (Frankfurt) Location
2 DAYS of TEST! Location
Os Available
Windows Server


- Question: Is there any limitation on sending or receiving emails on VPS servers?

- Answer: Yes, we limit to 100 emails/hour to avoid mass emailing for abuse. You can request unblocking by verifying your identity by opening a ticket

- Question: Can I use the server for DDoS, BOTNET, SCAN or other illegal activities?

- Answer: No, no server we provide has this functionality. Any abuse will be criminally reported and there will be no refund

- Question: Can I install windows on the vps and use RDP?

- Answer: Yes, on VPS servers you can install the latest versions of Windows Server in complete autonomy from our panel at no additional cost. We remind you that we do not provide any windows license.

- Question: Can I install my own iso?

- Answer: Yes, you can install your own iso thanks to the VNC system

- Question: is it possible to upgrade the server without losing data?

- Answer: Yes, it is possible to do it directly from your customer area. If you want a custom upgrade, please open a ticket and we will help you to find the best solution for your VPS! Once the payment has been processed, to apply the upgrade, simply turn the server off and on again

- Question: Can i change the IPV4 RDNS?

- Answer: Yes, it is possible to change your server's IPv4 RDNS directly from the control panel in your client area

- Question: Why my Windows Server VPS turns off every 30 minutes?

- Answer: This problem is caused by a lack of operating system license. Install the windows software license and this problem will never happen again